Site Care

Your site is a living thing, evolving and changing along with the rest of the web. Rainstone's Site Care plans help protect your investment so it can deliver the results you need.

Our monthly Site Care plans offer you peace of mind that your website is being maintained and taken care of every single month. Rainstone Digital manages everything from monitoring from security and up-time, handling updates safely for you, and responding to your questions and requests anytime you have them. We are here to keep your business going and secure at all times.

Hack, Health & Uptime Monitoring

Websites have a lot of internal moving parts, like contact forms and eCommerce functionality. Those moving parts require maintenance and protection because nothing is ever "hackproof." Sooner or later, moving parts break down and will create issues that cost you time and money. Our solutions mitigate that noise and ensure you can run your business without worrying about the technical details. We are the watchdog when holes are developed. We got your back with our monitoring tools, so you don't get hurt.

Managed Updates

83% of all WordPress websites will get hacked at some point if core, theme, or plugins are not being maintained properly. Updates are crucial because no code is perfect and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving. That's how hackers get in. Rainstone monitors for these vulnerabilities, security issues, malware exploits and everything else we can think of to protect you and give you peace of mind.

Outage Recovery

Having your site go down or load slowly can be a death sentence for your website or business, especially if it happens continuously. Rainstone has the know-how to keep things online and fast, and our tools alert us immediately if there's ever an issue. If for any reason there is an issue, we can get you back up and running fast.

Reliable Support

We get everything moving and optimized from the word "go" so that you can crush the competition from the start. Your site is a "living" thing and we've got your back even after you launch. Rainstone is your web team and can handle any content or design changes you need after the fact.

Get Your Time Back

Leave the website noise to us and get back to what you want to be doing!

Solid & Secure

Site management that you can trust to keep everything going and polished.

Lightning Fast

We make sure your site is fast... And stays that way. Rainstone's setup means better SEO.


Everything you need to get started.
$ 33 per month
  • White glove hosting
  • Mission Control
  • Access to premium plugins
  • Hack, Health & Uptime Monitoring*
  • 7 Days of Offsite Backups
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Ticket-based support
  • 5% Hourly Rate Discount
  • Monthly Suggestions
  • SEO Monitoring


For entrepreneurs & larger projects.
$ 66 per month
  • White Glove Hosting
  • Mission Control
  • Access to premium plugins
  • Hack, Health & Uptime Monitoring*
  • 14 Days of Offsite Backups
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Ticket-based support
  • 10% Hourly Rate Discount
  • Monthly Suggestions
  • SEO Monitoring


Best for eCommerce or growing businesses.
$ 99 per month
  • White Glove Hosting
  • Mission Control
  • Access to premium plugins
  • Hack, Health & Uptime Monitoring*
  • Content Delivery Network
  • 30 Days of Offsite Backups
  • Priority Support
  • 15% Hourly Rate Discount
  • Monthly Suggestions
  • SEO Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of your site like how a car requires oil changes and new brakes to help keep them running properly. A tune-up for a car is the same thing as maintaining a website. We go under the hood and continuously double check that everything is working properly. If something is wrong, we will typically know before something actually breaks or worse kills your business.

While our monitoring and proactive management are put in place to avoid this from happening to your website and company, it does and can still occur. We have high standards for our monitoring, but we have your back to solve the issue if something does happen. We will get your site restored with a recent backup and ensure that everything is cleaned up and malware-free*. If your site needs more assistance or something else fixed, we have your back and can help you with that as well.

*This is not included in every hosting plan.

If you are on a Rainstone Digital hosting plan, you will always have access to the support team through our Mission Control portal. If you need something not included in your hosting plan, you are locked into our hourly rates, which will vary depending on what Site Care plan you have. If it is an emergency that Rainstone Digital did not cause, you will be charged our emergency rate of $115/hour since we will have to interrupt someone else’s service to help you potentially. Please remember that customers that have a hosting plan with Rainstone Digital will always come first. We have your back always.

If you need service of any kind: issues, questions, changes made, or an emergency, you can create a support ticket anytime in our Mission Control Portal. This ticket creation will trigger the right person to get notified to help you quickly. If your site is down – we already know about it and are working – but you can still create an emergency ticket by selecting emergency.

Note: If you are NOT hosting your site with us, we can help you also at an hourly rate. Fill out the contact form, and we can go from there during regular business hours or for emergency rates.

Typically, if we build your website, you will be hosting with us. If you not hosting with us and we are assisting you, it will be a standard hourly rate or emergency rate depending on the situation. We will work with you and will also highly recommend that you host with us because our servers are primed for WordPress and we are able to help monitor your site to get easy and faster support from us. 

We do not include content, design or any types of edits or new features being add to your site. If you are interested in having Rainstone Digital assist you with changes to your site, we can do so with our monthly retainer programs. 

A monthly retainer program is an allotted number of hours of work available for you to ask Rainstone Digital to do. It does not matter what it is, if you have hours available we will help you. 

If you need more than the allotted times that the monthly retainer provides to you each month, you can purchase more at a reduced hourly rates of $60 dollars. 

Typically, our managed updates of the core, themes and plugins are done regularly. We check multiple times per week for updates. 

If you are requesting content, design or functionality updates to your site, we typically have a 1-2 day turnaround time for most requests. This is dependent on a few things which includes when you are asking, what you are asking to be done, and if we have the required materials for the updates you are requesting. 

We can host, manage and maintain just about any WordPress website. If you are not a Rainstone Digital customer, then we will do an audit before we agree to do the migration to our servers. This is for your protection and ours as well. 

Yes, there is typically a migration fee. We are willing to work with customers if this is an issue though. Typically, our migrations take less than one hour but we will let you know before we start or commit to anything. 

Keep in mind that if your site is being built by Rainstone Digital, then your site is already on one of our servers so no worries. 

Also note, if you are hosting with Rainstone Digital then you must maintain one of our hosting packages.