Give your clients the quiet they deserve.

Sell Rainstone’s services under your own brand and we’ll do the heavy lifting. Make more money with less work and have happier clients. 

Option 1: Sales Freelancer

We will handle everything for you. You just introduce us to the company that needs help then we will do the rest. We will reach out to the company and provide options on how we can help them. You do not even have to ever talk to them again if you do not want to! When the company signs up for hosting services, you will be provided 10% monthly for as long as they stay with RainStone.

Option 2: Invisible Freelancer

We handle everything on your behalf except that we are invisible to the client. This means that we do all of the heavy lifting and communicate directly with you and get everything done for you. In order to remain invisible to the client, we bill you directly. This is a great option for people who would like to outsource to us and up-charge our services as theirs. When the company signs up for hosting services, you will be provided with 10% monthly for as long as they stay with Rainstone.

Option 3: Mission Control Partner

If you are a web designer or developer who wants to do the work yourself BUT with our setup then this is a great option for you. We have a portal that will allow you to spin up websites with our hosting setup, licensed builders, and premium plugins at your disposal to create fantastic sites for your clients and not have to worry about what happens after with hosting. We work with you in various ways to standardize things on our Mission Control Portal so that everything is streamlined for you as a builder. Once the site is launched on our servers, you can continue to access your client’s sites while we are in the background assisting on your behalf. When you sign up for hosting, you will have the option of receiving monthly residuals or a discounted rate per site.

Option 4: Agency

Are you an agency that does not want to deal with hosting? Partnering with us as an agency has led to business expenses, time sink, and slog all being reduced on our partners end. For this partnership, we will work hand in hand in order to determine what exactly each other will do for one another. For example, we provide hosting and monthly site care plans to your clients but we are invisible. You do all of the talking, we do all of the heavy lifting. When you sign up for hosting, you will have a discounted rate per site.

Option 3: Hosting Only

Are you a company that wants to do everything BUT hosting? This is a great plan for you. We will give you a development install in order to build your site. Once built, it gets launched on our servers. We then take over and the client works with us directly from there. When the client signs up for hosting, you will receive 10% monthly residuals for the life of the client. We do nothing for web development unless you ask us to.

Option 4: Full White Label

Are you an agency that wants to expand to have your own web department? Are you an agency that has a web department and you don't want to deal with it anymore? This is the perfect solution for you then. We will run your web department and work with your web clients directly as if we worked within your company. The client does not need to know BUT you will know that your clients are being managed and taken care of. We excel at making noisy web departments quiet and profitable on your behalf.

Fantastic Web Design

We help you build masterpieces so that you’re able to make your clients happy. It is a Win-Win-Win. You are able to utilize Rainstone Digital’s licensed tools and builders and templates in order to create whatever you client desires.

Managed Hosting

Rainstone does all of the noisy work for you and your clients. We manage all of the updates, all of the malware removal and anything else that needs done to ensure you and your client’s site are safe, secure and pain-free. On average, we're looking at your site in some manner at least once a day and constantly monitoring its status in the background.

Partner Support

Our partners have direct contact with the team in order to get support in whatever capacity is needed. You will not have to jump through holes and departments in order to talk to someone with answers for you.

Mission Control

Have our setup and use all of our tools to build great sites for your own clients while having our team in the backseat helping you in whatever capacity that you need. We are quiet though unless you ask for directions, we promise.

Partner Discount

Our partners have the opportunity to get discounts in a handful of ways through hosting and development work. The available discounts will vary depending on your partnership but they are all great opportunities.

Custom Development

We have programmers and developers on our team so if your client is asking for something you do not know how to do, just ask. If you can explain it or show us what your clients end goal is, we can typically come up with a handful of options on how to accomplish it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the partnership types (White Labelled) do require a partner cost and a contract but this is to protect you and us. The rest of the partnership types are free and typically do not have a contract associated with it. For these, the only thing that we ask is that if you are using our building platform then hosting is done by RainStone once ready to go live for at least one year. We believe that this is fair since we are not charging you to use all of the licensed tools that RainStone pays for.

Partners are able to get residuals for every hosting client that the partner provides to RainStone. Residuals are 10% of the hosting cost. Partners will receive 10% per site hosted for the life of the site using our services. Some of the partnerships do not receive this because they get discounted hosting costs for their clients if they are paying us directly. 

We partner with companies that have web departments  but do not want to deal with hosting headaches or need a web department to help their clients. As an agency, you have a sliding scale of cost per site. The more sites that you have hosting with us, the lower per site cost it is for you. We can be completely silent and only communicate with you, never your clients. We can also communicate with your clients as if we worked for your agency. They will not know about RainStone.  

Yes. We can always provide options with different cost points in order to work with your budget. 

A lot of clients love the fact that we work with them in Phases to help stay within a budget for them while still growing along the way to the ultimate goal. 

Yes, we can totally help if you want to build the site on our platform but want custom development handled by RainStone. 

Once you are at the end of your part, we will take over or work with you directly instead of the client depending on how you are partnered with us. 

Yes, we can host most sites but your site will be put through out security testing to make sure that you are safe and your company is protected. 

You will still receive residuals as long as they are hosting with us. 

Yes! You will completely have admin access to your client’s site if you are still helping with it. If you are just referring someone to us or a freelancer who builds it and never wants to be involved after that, you will not have access to the site unless the owner says you need access. If you are an agency or we are only doing managed hosting, then you will always have admin access of the site. No questions asked. 

Yes, we can host your flat file sites. If you are interested in this, please contact us and we can discuss the cost and process for this.

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